2019’s “Easter Games” for Kids & Adults With How to Play Guide

Easter Games 2019 – Springtime brings us a lot of positive moods. With the days getting longer and brighter and the trees starting to blossom We know that Easter is just around the corner. Who else, if not kids, are looking forward the most to the spring festival. Chocolate eggs will always bring a smile on their faces, but what about doing some fun Easter activities as well? At friends and family gatherings games is a good option to keep everybody amused. These would be the Best Easter Games we play at our house.

Easter Games

Easter Games

Best Easter Games for Kids and Adults

Here we have listed Some of the most popular & fun Easter Games Ideas for 2019, These games can be played by kids as well as adults. Go through this List of Games for Easter 2019 and let us know which one you liked by commenting below.

  • Pin The Tail On The Easter Bunny

You will need: Printable Easter Bunny picture, cotton wool, sticky tape or blue tac and a blindfold.

How to play Pin The Tail on The Easter Bunny Game: Let the child have a look at the picture, put a blindfold on the eyes, spin twice and let him/her stick a bunny tail (cotton wool). You can mark the spot with the child’s name and let the other child have his turn. The one, who attached the tail closest to the correct spot, wins the task.

  • Easter Egg And Spoon Race

You will need: Hard-boiled egg, some spoons, basket or the box.

How to play Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game: You can divide children into groups or it can be an individual task. Line the children at the start line. The task is to place the egg on the spoon and carry the distance without dropping the egg and place it in the basket. There might be some obstacles which you need to go round or instead of walking kids can bounce on one leg to complicate the task. The team or individual who broke the least eggs win, if there is a draw, then the quickest wins.

  • Walk The Easter Egg

You will need: Hard-boiled egg and spoons.

How to play Walk The Easter Game: Line the children or make a circle. The child who is at the end of the line starts a game or just pick any child to start. Then place an egg on a spoon and the child has to pass the spoon to the person next to him without dropping the egg. The one that drops the egg leaves the line or the circle.

  • Easter Bunny Says

How to play Easter Bunny Says Game: That’s an Easter version of the well-known game “Simon Says”. Just instead of “Simon says” you say “Easter Bunny says” and you add the action phrase what you want the children to do. Example: “Easter Bunny says: clap your hands”, “Easter Bunny says: stamp your feet”. If you don’t say the phrase: “Easter Bunny says”, then nobody supposed to do the action. Example: “turn around” or “touch you nose”. If someone does the action has to leave the game. The child who stays the last one wins the game.

  • Easter Egg Rolling

You will need: Hard-boiled egg (as many as there are players), big spoons

How to play Easter Egg Rolling Game: Mark the start and the finish. All children roll the eggs with a help of the spoon. The eggs cannot be touched with hands. The winner is the one that cross the finish line first. You can complicate it by adding some obstacles with a player has to go around.

  • Easter Egg Rolling Battle

You will need: Sheet of cardboard paper, hard-boiled eggs, few books, small stickers

How to play Easter Egg Rolling Battle Game: I have learned this game while being on holidays and since then we play it each Easter. Divide the eggs between the players. The eggs need to be decorated with stickers to make them all different looking. Stack few books and prop one end of cardboard sheet to produce a downward incline. The first player let one of his eggs down the slope. When the egg stops the next contestant rolls his egg aiming to reach the other’s egg and tap it. If the egg hits the other egg, the player takes both eggs. If not, just leave both eggs lying on the ground and another player aims for any of these eggs. If your egg is lying intact after everybody took his or her turn you take your egg from the ground and roll again. If other players win all your eggs you leave the game. The winner is the one who won the most eggs.

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